Let's Go Elsewhere

  • Cruising Kerala, India

    Vlog: A view into Southern India!
  • Chanting & Crab Dumplings in Qibao, Shanghai

    Vlog: discover this remarkable water town in Shanghai with me!
  • Bon Weekend in Marrakech

      When looking for a mini break on the back of a cold, wet winter, I long for sun, culture, and somewhere a little exotic. Marrakech had always se...
  • Moxie in Mumbai

    Mumbai has left me a little speechless. I knew what to expect: extreme poverty and exceptional wealth, an assault on the senses, juxtapositions at every turn. But it is the way that the city and all its extremes are not divided but entwined together that got me. It's vibrant, overwhelming, humbling, sometimes frustrating, and always teaming with infectious energy.
  • The Brides of Thames Town, Songjiang, Shanghai China

    Vlog: discover this remarkable area of Shanghai with me!
  • Brightened, Balanced, and Blissful in Budapest

    I am a big believer in getting lost in a city, but Budapest is actually really easy to navigate through. Don’t get me wrong, you can build up a sweat on the cobble stone hills of Buda but Pest is flat. The metro is really simple to follow with just 4 lines interconnected with 5 railway lines and will help when jumping across the city from bath house to bath house. Trust me you will be too relaxed to want to move energetically.
  • The Mouth of the South: Road-Tripping!

    So the United States of America is a big country; not only are the 50 states incredibly diverse geographically, they can be so varying in their b...
  • The Mouth of the South: Scenic Savannah

    In The Mouth of the South: Road-Tripping! I gave tips on roadtriping in the USA and we started our adventure stopping in the historical town of S...
  • There's No Weekend Like Kansas

    Kansas City, bang smack in the middle of the Midwest is a peculiar place. First off, the majority of the city is not actually in the state of Kans...
  • All that Glitters, Paris

    They say it is the city for lovers and that might be true, but it is also the city to be alone in, to get lost in. The French have a word that literally means to wander, stroll, and saunter, therefore I implore you to do just that, and become a Flâneur. You see, you cant just SEE Paris, you have to experience it.
  • Where am I? Round 1

     This segment is going to be a little fun, a game even. I am going to take pictures of a place and let you guess where it is. .  So the locat...
  • Where am I? Round 2

    But lets get onto the gardens, to be specific 120 acres of glorious,  landscaped, greenness to frolic through!