Where am I? Round 1

 This segment is going to be a little fun, a game even. I am going to take pictures of a place and let you guess where it is.
So the location of these photographs:
Spain, Italy, or California?
Wait for it.......
And the answer is.........
The Mission Inn & Spa in Riverside, California
A historic landmark hotel opened in 1902 is known for its varying (and stunning!) architectural styles and notable list of guests. 10 presidents have visited the Inn, Nixon even married at the hotel while the Reagans honeymooned there. The list of entertainers, leaders, and successful entrepreneurs who have visited the hotel is incredibly extensive, so much so that if you head to the bar all the cocktails are named after the person who actually drank it there.
Tayah's Tip: Even if you can't stay at this beautiful hotel, if you are passing through Southern California go and have a "Cary Grant" at the bar.

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