Where am I? Round 3

The location of these photographs:
Indonesia, California, or Thailand?
Wait for it…….
And the answer is………California, to be exact- Summerland, California. Doesn't that name just sound wonderfully blissful?  And the place? The Sacred Space- honestly one of my most sacred of places.
Tayah's Take: A place that sells divine artifacts and enchanting treasures from across Asia. This is more than just a shop however, it is a spiritual haven, that will both centre, and ignite endless possibilities within you. Meditation pavilions, statues and altar pieces, and lily ponds full of Koi are dotted throughout the the lush, tropical gardens. Complimentary tea can be sipped while taking in this joyous and truly scared place. 
Not to be missed!
Tayah’s Tip: Taking a day trip is a great way of easing the travel itch when you can't take the time off to go further afield. My favorite place for a day away from LA is Santa Barbara, with its wonderful seafood, sail-filled harbor, antique gems, and beautiful beachfront full of palm trees and wide open sea. 926133_724440250989514_53943560_n
I always get off the 101 at Summerland to head to The Sacred Space, first stop of the day to replenish my soul. Continue through Summerland and Montecito- there are plenty of lovely shops and places to eat, then finally arrive in Santa Barbara.

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