London Jewel(le)ry, Yes Please and No Thank You.

So I have been back in the UK now for just over a month and it has been really nice to be on this side of the pond for a while, and one reason why: shopping. London is considered to be one of the fashion capitals of the world and for good reason. I find Londoners push the boundaries of fashion, they are risk takers for the good and bad. And people make bold statements in their everyday dress. I mean I have just bought a pair of platform black, gold, and white sandals that I would never dream of even trying on in LA but for some reason here they caught my eye and I have been hooked since they first went on my feet. (Perhaps because they pay slight homage to my tween idols: The Spice Girls). So shopping, man oh man I love Topshop, thank goodness it has arrived in small quantities in the States now; if you have never been: go. If you are not near an actual shop, head to Nordstroms. Another favorite when in the UK: Accessorize, this is accessory heaven. So both Topshop and Accessorize do amazing jewel(le)ry.  Tayah's Tip: Topshop's flagship shop on Oxford Street has a huge accessories department, just don't head there on a weekend, it's horrendous.
While browsing these two shops I have come across a trend I LOVE here and I trend I really don't.
Yes Please: Ear Cuffs!
How fun are these and there are just so many to choose from here. You can get small ones that just go half way up for both ears, or an elaborate cuff that follows the majority of one ear. This is great a great trend, if like me, you only have one piercing, but sometimes wish you had more.  They also have ones that actually float underneath your ear lobe. Just too many to buy, how to decide?
                   FullSizeRender-14                     FullSizeRender
No Thank You: Plastic Chockers.
I don't really have much more to say other than, why? Why would this horrific nod to the early nineties be back in style? And does anyone really look good with a plastic chocker that resembles some sort of curly hair wrapped round their neck?
So those are my thoughts. I will definitely be bringing many ear cuffs to LA and will never be purchasing the plastic chocker, or any chocker for that matter. Do you agree with my opinions? Feel free to sound off!

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