Kansas City BBQ

I've got one word for you: BBQ. As I've gotten older my appreciation for this American pastime of grilling out has really grown...I mean seriously...even if you are a veggie, corn on the cob just tastes better when it has been wrapped in tinfoil and chargrilled. But I'm not going to talk about the veg, I'm here to talk about Pig. Pork what a versatile meat and man oh man does KC do it right: pulled pork, ribs, and the best of the best- burnt ends. Haven't heard of them? Then you probably haven't been to the Midwest, but I would just say they are the fall off the bone/melt in your mouth supreme bites. Beef brisket is suppose to be pretty wonderful too but to be honest the pork always pulls me in.  So you arrive Friday evening and you want your meat? Where are you gonna go? Well there are the big three: Fiorella's Jack Stack, Joe's Kansas City (Oklahoma Joes), and Gates and Sons. They are so popular that they all have multiple eateries throughout the city. Jack Stack is a little more high end, Joe's- you order, pick up, and seat yourself, and all Gates staff actually do training at their own  "Rib Tech". Believing there had to be one champion for the locals, I asked around and was told to try them all, for everyone has a different favorite which translates to: all must be pretty damn good. If you are a true fan of Barbecue perhaps skip out other restaurants to try a different one each day.

Tayah's Take: Burnt Ends at Jack Stack. Sounds weirds but tastes great!

Head to http://www.theoriginelsewhere.com/a-weekend-in-kansas-city/ for the full article on KC.

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