In the Midnight Hour á la Art Nouveau

My dear friend Jessica, who is a wonderfully sassy and chic and I want to host a little New Years Bash.  So we need a vision board to find the theme of our little shindig. For me inspiration always starts from a location origin (hence the name of this site) for different cultures have a wealth of history and traditions that can awaken a great source of creativity in each one of us.
So we brainstormed a lot! We came up with the theme of Art Deco Downtown LA as we are both loving geometrical shapes and the decadence of the 20's just fits with New Year. However as we started shopping for our items, that all changed. We found these amazing Japanese plates and voila our theme had a visionary revamp. Japonism is essentially the influence of Japanese art on the west and was greatly represented during the Art Nouveau era. Time to mix these forms with a few other Asian touches to create a truly inspired table.
The Place Setting
IMG_1889 2
Plates and Charges: a little bit of Asian flare mixed with old world glam, both World Market.
Goldware (hehe), good old Target.
Decadent glassware: we splurged a little on this. Champagne flutes, monogram tumblers mixed with ones with geometric designs, all Anthropologie.
Nature goes a long way: branches and berries, Trader Joes- left over Xmas decorations  work a treat and save money. 
Taper Candle Holders: a little bit of an Asian bird theme going on- Nate Berkus for Target. Go check out the collection, what wonderfully chic and affordable pieces!
Mercury Tealight Holders: a steal from World Market, $3.99 a pop!
Hanging Display: our best find, believe it or not these ornaments are plastic and from Target: $3 each!
Unique Place Cards
IMG_1438 (1)
Fortune Cookies, well wishes for the New Year, just slip a piece of paper with the guests name written inside of the cookie.
The Drinks
The first drink is of course Champagne, who would want to drink anything else? Slip a few pomegranate seeds into it and watch them dance in your glass.
IMG_1499 (1)
Gin-ger Pomic
Our little homemade cocktail!
Mix: one part Pomegranate Juice and one part Ginger Ale with one or maybe one and half part Gin (I am not judging). Shake it all up and serve over ice with a slice of lime, a sprig of mint, and of course some pomegranate seeds.
Bird coasters are from Anthropologie.
The Game
Place a bowl on the bar table, with little pieces of paper and pens. Encourage guests to write down one serious resolution for the New Year and a silly one too. After dinner, have each person pick from the bowl reading aloud, then all must guess who wrote the resolution!
IMG_1409 (1)
Here's hoping for a New Year full of inspired adventures!

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