Fuerza Bruta

In 2015 the Argentine show Fuerza Bruta turned 10 years old, so to celebrate its global success, a write up!

Imagine entering a large, open, warehouse packed full of anticipated people standing, unaware of exactly what they are going to witness, is it a rave, concert, some sort of new-age ritual, or a show? You will be subjected to all of these events during the course of the night. A massive space, all surfaces including the walls and ceiling being turned into a wild playground, truly sensorial, you are not going to see a show; you are going to experience a ride through a dream-like world.

The show was to be felt rather than thought about, taking the audience on an emotional journey rather than a linear one, allowing every person to create their own interpretation. Reality takes the back seat while: images, noises, textures, tastes, and smells are used to affect the whole being, not just the mind.  Action takes place all around, as banning the division between audience and performers was forefront in the creation of the show. Therefore, everyone is connected in this atmospheric world, dancing and creating as one. The form of communication is conveyed physically rather than vocally, breaking language barriers and impacting so many people around the world.

Carnivals and festivals: a return to rituals and celebrations, is at its very core, as the experience not the story, is what is important. And Argentina itself, has always been the backbone of the cultural inspirations. The creators are Argentine, the original spectators were Argentine, and the soundtrack consists of a tribal type Argentine music called Murga. This distinct quality plays a major role mixing with modern electronic music to breech the gap between the new and old scenes of Argentina. Fuerza Bruta has travelled around the world but the origins will always remain the core stimulus.

It is primitive, progressive, and most importantly, ever-transforming, so book tickets and experience for yourself a thrilling night of chaos, amazement, and pure exhilaration.

Have a look yourself!

Currently the show is playing at the Daryl Roth Theatre in New York, as well as in Lima, and Buenos Aires. Not near one of those locations? No worries, it tours internationally, so no doubt will be near you soon!

Tickets in New York are around $75, but I found a company offering $45 tickets.

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