A Game To While Away The Time

The Best Car Games (in my humble opinion):

  • Alphabet Game- Players are trying to complete the alphabet by shouting out road signs, etc. in order from A-Z.
  • I'm Going on Holiday and I'm Taking...- Player chooses three things that have a common theme, i.e. all are three letters long, all are the color red, all relate to the same location, etc. And the others players have to figure out what that theme is by guessing things they can bring along as well. More items can be added by original player and other players (if they have figured it out) until all know the correct theme. Example: “I'm going on holiday and I am taking tulips, a diary, and windmills”....things related to Holland or “I'm on holiday and I am taking tomatoes, avocados, and passion fruit”....all are fruits.
  • Who am I or Where am I?: A play on 20 questions. Someone picks a person real or fictional or a location, this can be sitting on top of the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeriro, or as silly as in Santa Claus' Beard, and the other players ask yes or no questions until the answer is guessed.                             
  • Country Game: If you are a seasoned traveller or a geography nerd, this will most definitely be for you- get through the Alphabet of the World. All players start a round of naming countries starting with the letter “A' until there are no A countries left, then you move on down the letters.                                                     
  • Name that Movie: Players take turns choosing a line from a movie while the others guess where it came from.
  • Humdinger: Ever played Cranium? Hum a song, everyone guesses what song you are singing. If more than 3 people are in the car, why don't you make up teams?
  • The Musical Game: This is for your show-tunes lovers. A musical is chosen and players take turns singing a song from the show. If a person can't think of any other songs, they are disqualified from the round. Last person still singing out songs, is winner and chooses the next musical.                                                  
  • Little ones? Good old Eye Spy is always a gem. You can also have them spot specific structures, vehicles, or animals for points depending on your location. 2 points for a cow, 5 for a tractor etc.
  • School geography starting? Why don’t you utilize the time to create games that will help teach your kids the Continents, Oceans, and US States and Countries with their Capitols.

What are your favorite games?

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